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First Guide To Direct Democracy First ever Guide to Direct Democracy

Brussels, 15 December, 2004

In the run up to a series of referendums on a European constitution scheduled to take place across Europe, the Initiative Referendum Institute has published the first Guide Book to Direct Democracy

If IRI is to be believed, direct democracy has the wind in its sails – especially in Europe. It demonstrates that across the globe, new ways to enable greater involvement of individuals to get more directly involved in political decision-making are being created. The IRI <Guidebook to Direct Democracy> fills a knowledge gap by providing concrete details on direct democracy in action. The concept is by now reality and is widely available to one and all: students, citizens groups, politicians, government officials and anyone interested in politics.  Swiss President Joseph Deiss writes the preface to this unique international handbook and, naturally enough, evokes his own country's practical experience of the issue. Deiss highlights the essential legal foundations and future options of the initiative & referendum process worldwide. Parts of the Guidebook are freely available at IRI's website <> ...

Aurore Lester-Smith

(le jeudi 16 décembre 2004.)
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